Nikhil Venkatesh   Product Designer

I'm Nikhil,

I’m a creative storyteller and product designer with a passion for animation, interaction, and experience design. Let’s build awesome products together!

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Hi, I'm Nikhil

I’m a designer and animator, based out of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

Born in India in 1989, I’ve had a passion for animation as long as I can remember. That passion turned into a career animating dragons, mutant turtles and a cat wearing boots!

Along the way, I was drawn by the amazing things that code can do and taught myself how to build websites. I started working as a freelancer, eventually leading me to discover the wonderful world of UX.

I'm always trying to blur the lines these three sides of me - thinking about how my animation expertise can help me design better interactions and experiences, and figuring out how to actually build these experiences with code.

I recently earned my (second) Masters degree, this time in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington. I met some incredible people, designed awesome experiences and built a robot!

My absolute favorite design tools

sketch app framer studio
pen and paper invision
html css and js adobe after effects

When I'm not doing design things

Interested in my professional journey?

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